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Forms Submitted By Health Department Haryana
S. NoForm No.Form NamePeriodicitySubmission DateDownload / ViewLast Updated
12Appointment Cancellation of MOsMonthly01,December 200901,December 2009
23Appointment Cancellation of MOsMonthly01,December 200901,December 2009
34Termination order of Medical OfficersMonthly22,April 201022,April 2010
413Amendment in RTI Rules Haryana 2005Monthly09,February 201009,February 2010
511Guidlines for depution in health deaprtmentMonthly21,December 200922,April 2010
66Appointment Cancellation of HCMS-IIMonthly20,July 201020,July 2010
71Extension of Joining Time to newly recruit Medical OfficersMonthly17,May 201117,May 2011
815Promotion List of MPHS_FemaleMonthly28,September 201028,September 2010
916Promotion List of MPHS_MaleMonthly28,September 201029,September 2010
1017Amendment in order of MPHW_FemaleMonthly29,September 201029,September 2010
1118Extension of Joining Time to newly Recruit Medical OfficersMonthly03,June 201106,June 2011
1218Waiting List of Medical Officers of General CategoryMonthly07,August 201307,August 2013
1319Waiting List of Medical Officers of BC CategoryMonthly02,August 201302,August 2013
1420Notice for Waiting List of Medical OfficerMonthly02,August 201302,August 2013
15100Application Form for the Post of HCMS-IIMonthly02,December 201302,December 2013
16101Advertisment for the Post of HCMS-II_ SC DriveMonthly02,December 201302,December 2013
17111Haryana HIS RFP Volume 1 14-Dec-2013 RELEASEDMonthly14,December 201314,December 2013
18112Haryana HIS RFP Volume 2 14-Dec-2013 RELEASEDMonthly14,December 201314,December 2013
19115Corrigendum of RFP for Implementation of HISMonthly18,December 201318,December 2013
20116REVISED CORRIGENDUM HISMonthly24,January 201424,January 2014
21119Annexure I Prebid Queries HISMonthly29,January 201429,January 2014
22155Additional List of shortlisted candidates for the post of Data Processing Assistant for the type test and interview Monthly03,February 201403,February 2014
23110tender notice for RFP OF HIS Monthly14,December 201314,December 2013
24114Haryana HIS RFP Volume 3 14-Dec-2013 RELEASEDMonthly14,December 201314,December 2013
25118LIST OF SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR POST OF DPOMonthly24,January 201424,January 2014
26120Annexure 2 HIS RFP VolMonthly29,January 201429,January 2014
27121Ammended Corrigendum Haryana HISMonthly29,January 201429,January 2014
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