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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) NRHM
For implementation of Nation Rural Health Mission in Haryana State, Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India and the Govt. of Haryana vide Govt. Letter No. 49/71-2005-06-HB-II dated 18.11.05
State Health Mission
Constituted by Govt. Notification No. 49/71/2005-6HBII dated 27th June 2005
General Body
Chairperson:             Chief Minister
Co-Chairperson:       Minister of State Health, Medical Education and Ayurveda
Convener:                  Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary Govt. Haryana,
Health, Medical Education and Ayurveda
Member Secretary:   Director General Health Services
    • Minister, Development & Panchayats
    • Minister, Rural Development
    • Minister Planning
    • Minister, Finance
    • Minister of State Social Welfare and Welfare of SCs and BCs
    • Minister, Urban Development
    • Minister, Urban Development
    • Minister, Public Health
    • MLAs to be nominated by the State Government
    • Nominated Block and Village Panchayat and Urban Bodies
(women may be adequately representatives)
Official representatives
1.      Chief Secretary
2.      Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, WCD
3.      Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, (B&R)
4.      Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Development & Panchayats
5.      Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary Urban Development
6.      Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Finance
7.      Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Planning
8.      Commissioner, Public Health
9.      Special Secretary, Rural Development
10. Representatives to be nominated by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Family Welfare, Government of India
11. Health Experts to be nominated by the State Government
12. Representatives of the Medical Association to be nominated by the State Government.
13. Representatives of the NGOs to be nominated by the Government
14. Representatives of the Development partners.
A. Governing Body of State Health Society
Constitution & Members
1.         Chairperson- Chief Secretary, Haryana
2.         Vice-Chairman- Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Govt. Haryana, Health, Medical Education & Ayurveda
3.         Member Secretary- Mission Director (NRHM), Haryana
4.         Members-
·         Secretary, Finance
·         Secretary, Women & Child Development
·         Secretary, PWD B&R
·         Secretary, Rural Development & Panchayat
·         Secretary, Urban Development & Local Bodies
·         Secretary, Planning
·         Secretary, Water Supply & Sanitation
·         Secretary, Town & Country Planning
·         Secretary, Education
·         Director, PGIMS Rohtak
·         Project Director (NRHM), Haryana
·         Director AYUSH .Haryana
·         Representative(s) to be nominated by MOH&FW, Govt. of India.
·         President, IMA (Haryana), State Branch.
·         Secretary, State Red Cross Society
5.         Frequency of Meeting:
                        The meeting of Governing Body of State Health Society, Haryana, Panchkula will be held every 6 months & earlier, if necessary.
6.         Term of Members
                        The term of official members will be the time they hold the office by virtue of which they are members. The term of other members will be for 2 years.
7.         Authentication of orders, decisions etc.
                        All orders and decisions of the Governing body shall be authenticated by the signature of the Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Govt. Haryana, Health, Medical Education & Ayurveda and all other instruments issued by the Governing body shall be authenticated by the signature of the Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Govt. Haryana, Health, Medical Education & Ayurveda or such other officer of the Governing body as may be authorized by him/her.
8.         Ordinary Business of the Governing Body
·                         Approval/ Endorsement of Annual State Plan for the NRHM.
·                         Consideration of proposals for institutional reforms in the Health Sector.
·                         Review of implementation of Annual Action Plan
·                         Inter-Sectoral coordination: All NRHM related sector and beyond eg. Administrative Reforms across the State
·                         Status of follow up action on the decisions of State Health Mission.
·                         Co-ordination with NGOs/ Donor/ other agencies/ organizations.
·                         Any other issues with permission of Chair.
Powers & Functions of Governing Body
The Governing Body of the SOCIETY shall be the highest decision making body of the Society. It shall have the following powers and functions:
i)      Consider and approve the annual action plan of the society.
ii)     Consider and approve the annual budget and authorize expenditure for each activity included in the action plan submitted to it by the Executive Committee of the society. Expenditure shall be incurred only as per the provision of the bye-laws
iii)    Consider and approve the audited accounts of the society.
iv)   Consider and approve the progress report of the society submitted by the
Member Secretary every year.
v)    Issue policy guidelines/ directions to the Executive Committee with regard to implementation of the various health activities & programmes.
vi)   Approve formation of various groups/sub committee for various purposes related to the implementation or monitoring and delegate suitable powers to such groups/sub committees.
vii) To make authorization to the Member secretary of the Governing Body or to any other office bearer of the Executive Committee to sue or defend the Society in legal affairs and sign documents or plaints submitted in courts on the behalf of the society.
viii)Delegate appropriate powers to the Executive Committee for its smooth functioning.
ix)   To approve byelaws relating to service matters administration and financial matters of the society on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.
x)    Making, altering or modifying rules and regulation of the Society for carrying out the objectives in a more efficient way
xi)   To ensure the mandatory meetings of the Executive Committee or sub-committee/expert groups whenever constituted are held and the minutes of the meeting are recorded and maintained.
xii) To ensure that in the Tripartite Review Meeting the following documents are placed- (a) Audited Accounts for the preceding financial year (b) the updated physical and (c) financial progress of the project and the plan of action for the ensuing year.
xiii)Accept donations and endowments or give grants upon such terms as it thinks fit.
xiv)Develop and adopt its own rules and regulations for recruitment and appointment of experts and administrative / technical staff and set its own compensation package for such experts / staff to be recruited from the open market and/or deputation basis.
xv)Develop and adopt its own procurement procedures for procurement of goods and services.
xvi)Do generally all such acts and things as may be necessary or incidental to carrying out the objectives of the Society or any of them, provided that nothing herein contained shall authorize the Governing Body to do any act or to pass any bye-laws which may be repugnant to the provisions hereof, to the powers hereby conferred on the Governing Body and other authorities, or which may be inconsistent with the objectives of the Society.

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